Friday, July 20, 2007

Silly Catholics...

Random short story: About 10 years ago, I ran into a Catholic who said "you know, I kept hearing Protestants tell me how un-biblical and wrong my faith was - so I decided I'd study for myself and see. But after extensive research, I've found that they're wrong - history and the bible is on my side" and I remember thinking to myself "How on earth can this guy be that stupid?" I thought it was a self evident truth - Catholicism was for idiots.

Little did I know...I was the idiot. I always think back to that moment and my vain attempts to 'enlighten him' by the teachings of the reformers... I wish I could find that guy again and tell him I was wrong - and now I'm Catholic... Oh well.

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Chad Toney said...

I have a similar story or two I need to blog about. My bible-church friends and I tried to save our German teacher in High School, who was Catholic.

I just recently made contact with him through email and let him know of my conversion. He was happy for me, but had moved away from the Church recently, as she hadn't lived up to his dreams of ever-increasing progressiveness. :(