Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Evan Almighty Review

Aside from the movie being genuinely unfunny... I have to admit how depressing it is to live in a society where mainstream 'Christian' ideas of morality have denigrated into the kind of embarrassingly impotent slush we could have just as well expected to spew from the likes of the Disney channel.

And fitting neatly within the tired tradition of Disney / Hallmark / Whatever movies which pretend to have some sort of moral message but actually fall so far short of the mark you wonder just where they aimed...the attempted moral of the storyline would have been laughable were it not such a gloomy reminder of the shallowness of 'mainstream Christianity'.

I'm sure liberals loved the movie - it's everything they want Christianity to be - politically correct, social activism, more emphasis on the temporal than on the eternal etc... But the truth of the matter is: Jesus Christ didn't die on a cross because of capitalism.

BTW - that's main "moral" theme of the movie: Capitalism is the great evil of our time. It's not even clear what evil is taking place. There is a bill (which isn't really explained in the movie) but it's an evil one because it has something to do with private ownership of land etc... God (played again by Morgan Freeman) shows the hero a valley which used to be a lush green valley but is now filled with homes. I'm not sure if we were supposed to cringe at the evil of humans building habitations for themselves or what... but... (Maybe we should have been shown a before and after shot of the land around Al Gore's bazillion dollar mansion).

At any rate, the moral message isn't clear and even if it was it would be so watered down - you might as well not even have a moral to begin with. This sorry environmentalism is just pathetic. It's disturbing when it comes from the secular world but it's sickening when it comes from a so called 'Christian'.

This reminds me of the all time dumbest comment I've ever heard any one make when Al Gore said - [on the subject of environmentalism] "You know, in my faith tradition... we have a saying... it goes like this - 'wherever the things are that you treasure, there your heart shall be also'" With all the IQ points he could muster up, he interpreted this to mean that if we treasured the environment our heart would be intent on saving it or something... IDIOT! Jesus said DO NOT store up treasures on Earth! Store them up in HEAVEN! THATS THE FREAKING POINT! Thats the POINT OF CHRISTIANITY - (You know... the 'Faith Tradition' which you are so decidedly disconnected with). And THAT, my friends, is reason number 237 why sola scriptura is a dead doctrine but I digress.

Christianity is principally about the eternal - not the temporal. Keep reminding yourself about that if you need to. So when you see a movie like this focused not partially but entirely on the temporal (whatever the cause may be) don't be mistaken - this is a direct attack on orthodox Christianity.

When you hear 'learned Christian scholars' making fun of "fundamentalists" who believe in miracles, creation, exorcisms etc... just remember that Jesus went around performing miracles and casting out demons and He spoke about the Scriptures not as "true in so far as faith and morals are concerned" but "heaven and earth will pass away" before one jot or tittle return void. He taught us that our primary battle is against Satan and not against man or the temporal things of this world.

Israel had a much greater enemy than Rome and folks... by God we have a much greater enemy than capitalism or the free market! And this kind of radical departure of priorities in mainstream Christianity is EXACTLY what the enemy wants.

The theme of the movie is Noah's ark. The Fathers wrote for us that the ark prefigures the Catholic Church. The Church is here to offer hope to those who otherwise have none. We're the life boat on the Titanic, we're here to rescue what we can, not polish the brass. Here was an opportunity for a Christian to deliver the gospel message... or at least a shadow of it... or even a good moral message ... but instead it was used to spew hippie propaganda focusing on the temporal. I hope the rest of us are not as ashamed of the true gospel as these Christians were.


Pilgrimsarbour said...

Dear GFF,

First, kudos for dragging yourself out to the theatre for that thing. You are a dedicated servant of Christ to sacrifice yourself in such a manner on our behalf! I haven't seen the movie (nor will I) but I have to say that your review left me in stitches! I laughed out loud a number of times (re: "Al Gore's bazillion dollar mansion" and "THATS THE FREAKING POINT!"). Very funny indeed! At the same time, I suppose I should be sad as well. I am in favour of thoughtful environmental activism, inasmuch as it doesn't unnecessarily endanger or unnecessarily compromise human health and life. I love it when libs claim to be Christian and try to quote from the Bible, only they don't know that their "we have a saying in my faith tradition" comes from Scripture. Not only that, but they don't have a clue what it means. I even heard one conservative radio talkshow guy declare that "God helps them who help themselves" is a very important tenet of the Christian faith! Oh well. I suppose Ben Franklin would be pleased to know that he's now a part of the Bible. Wait, I thought the canon was closed? :) The Reformers also believed that the ark typified the Church. It's too bad all this is lost to a high degree on so many today. Sorry this went so long, but you got me to think-blogging!

All God's Best,


TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Looks like another area we agree on. You'll have trouble finding anyone who loves nature more than me. I grew up on 75 acres (surrounded by many hundreds more) of rural North Carolina forests - with 2 creeks, a pond and even a few acres of old growth forest. I love the world God created (oops I mean that randomly evolved) and we have been entrusted as stewards of it.

So you're right, we should take care of it but not at the expense of human life health and not at the expense of detracting from the gospel of Christ.

To be frank, I'd say (as Christians) lets stop allowing mothers to murder their children then we can worry about land permits.

Pilgrimsarbour said...

I pray earnestly for an end to abortion and other forms of infanticide. But I think that the only real way we will accomplish this, that is, God will accomplish this, is through changing the hearts and minds of those who are so inclined. Just as the law exacerbates our sin, and the remedy is the gospel, so we have to be careful about what kind of legislation would be most effective in bringing abortion to an end. Otherwise, we'll have a nasty black market on our hands for this kind of thing, as was true of prohibition. I confess that I don't have a good answer for all of this. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of putting everything else off while we try to find a way to end abortion. The jihadists are not going to wait until we stop abortion before coming after us again. Any thoughts?

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

PA - I have replied with a new post. This is sort of a hot button for me so please don't take offense if I come across too harsh or too blunt.

Pilgrimsarbour said...

Please don't take offence? Gee, I wish I had seen this before I saw the new post. You? Blunt? Right back at ya!

Anonymous said...

It's a movie for crying out loud! Movie = Entertainment? Not = Religiously dictating or condemning the bible directly. Lighten up! ;)

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Anon - Thanks for your advice but no thanks.