Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There's Gonna Be A Mrs. Fiddler!

Well I'm getting married in a couple weeks (less actually). It's gonna be mighty interesting seeing my parish packed with Protestants. The only Catholics there will be friends from Church.

I have some Orthodox friends coming; so at least they can participate in Holy Communion. I wish my entire family could participate in the mass. At least they're coming though.

Although our chant schola is going to do a few latin chants, I specifically want certain parts in English- such as the Kyrie - "Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy." and the Agnus Dei - "Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us... Grant us peace" and the Gloria - "Lord Jesus Christ, only Son of the Father - Lord God Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world" and of course the Nicaean creed - "We believe in the Holy Catholic Church. We acknowledge ONE baptism for the forgiveness of sins".

So all the Christ centered stuff I want in English (like you know... all the prayers how we pray them through Christ - in Christ's name and all that jazz) and when we get to the part of the mass where we worship the saints, Mary and the pope I'll make sure we say that in Latin so those meddling Protestants won't figure us out!

My first mass was a funeral. I want to call attention the "Lord's Prayer" in my program the same way the funeral called attention to it - "stop after 'deliver us from evil' " you know.. stop the same place that the Bible actually does! I want Protestants to see how the Church actually reveres Scripture and holds it to be so sacred that she dare not add to it (such as this line - routinely included in Protestant Bibles - and Martin Luther's deceitful addition of "faith alone") and certainly would never take away from it (again - Martin Luther's 'removal' or 'de-canonization' of the deutero-canonical books and several NT books like James).

I also can't wait for them to recognize and see how (as my PCA friend put it) "There is more Scripture embedded in our liturgy than in the typical Protestant readings for any given Sunday" forget the actual Catholic readings.

I'll also have a "Please be quiet as you enter the sanctuary" notice on my program. You know - the sanctuary - the place where God is literally present - the place where we are about to re-present the most sacred sacrifice just like all the early Christians did. Just like any mass - we're here to worship God - not socialize (of course, I wish they had this notice there for Catholics too).

I want our schola to chant the "Our Father" Byzantine style and then the Salve Regina. During the mass I want them to chant the Sanctus XI, and for communion - Ave Verum Corpus ("Hail True Body")

Anyway... It'll be interesting.


Thos said...

God Fearin' Fiddler, Again, Congratulations, and Much Blessings! May you and the Mrs. be more fruitful than you think you can handle!

Re: your comments on Luther de-canonizing... have you been able to check out my discussion with Josh S. at the Prodigal Blogger ( Doubt you have time, but a Catholic perspective would be welcome - he's impressively hammering me with Lutheran Canon practice, and I'm not well positioned to defend myself.

Joseph said...

I hope you are going to film it and send me a copy! I wish I could make it, GFF.

God bless you and your new "better half", since you will become one flesh.

Tiber Jumper said...

Congrats!!! Oh Fiddler. I had a feeling about this and it comes as no surprise.
God bless you, you will both be in my prayers!

Cure of Ars said...


Pilgrimsarbour said...


Well, congratulations! May the Lord bless this new union as you both seek to serve Him in love, holiness and happiness!

As always,

God's Best,


TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Thos > I saw the discussion. I briefly skimmed his response but its a bit long winded for me.

Protestants have been coming up with interesting ways to defend the canon for 500 years.

It's really not a complicated issue. Just break it down to its most basic components:

"Scripture alone" is useless unless we know definitively what 'scripture' is.

The only way we can definitively know what "scripture" is, is if "Scripture alone" is not true.

Luther believed in Scripture alone but he disbelieved in the validity of Scriptures that disagreed with his position. How convenient.

Josh talks about 'footnotes in Judith' (which is of course the only book he could come close to bringing a charge against). This isn't a 'modern' scientific discovery that Judith isn't a literal-history book, it was known by the very audience it was written to!

And he keeps bringing up Trent as if Trent came up with a new canon. Until Luther, no one ever questioned the Old Testament. (There were a few fathers who disagreed with some of the deutero canonical books but most accepted some or all of them) All Christians used one canon - (same one we use today).

After Martin Luther's removal, the council of Trent re-affirmed the original NT canon as stated by the Church and affirmed that the Church does teach that these seven books are inspired. It wasn't a new thing by any means. The only new doctrine was Luther's.

JP said...

Blessings to you and yours as you embark on a new chapter in your life.

It's a joyous celebration as you two become one before our Lord.

Carolina Cannonball said...


erin is nice said...

just so you know, members of the orthodox church cannot receive communion at a Catholic Mass. just pick up one of those missalettes in church and read on the inside back page "guidelines for receiving Communion".

Joseph said...


They can if it is utterly impossible for them to receive Holy Communion in one of their own parishes. Which means, that they shouldn't receive it at Tim's wedding. This is probably something they would need to discuss with the priest anyway. This topic is not for us to decide what an Orthodox or Catholic can or cannot do since we are not in positions of Church authority. I know there are special allowances both ways.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

I don't think thats what our misallette says. I'll double check next time.

Joseph said...


I just check the USCCB's web site. It says that Eastern Orthodox may receive Holy Communion during the Sacred Liturgy if they request it. Though, proselytism is to be avoided.

See Appendix A: May Those Who Are Not Catholic Receive Holy Communion in the Catholic Church?

They should ask Father Remo beforehand.

Joseph said...

In other words, I think you're good!

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Thanks for the clarification.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

FYI - Per Father Stan, the Orthodox are invited to receive the Eucharist with us. I asked him to make an announcement of that during the mass so they will know.

Joseph said...

Is Father Stan going to be your priest? That's great!