Thursday, October 25, 2007

300 Anglicans to be Received into the Catholic Church

Read the whole article here. H/T NotMyOpinion

UP to 300 Irish Anglicans could soon be joining the Roman Catholic Church to the traditional hymn tune 'Faith of Our Fathers'.

A report in today's 'Irish Catholic' newspaper claims that three Church of Ireland parishes are Romeward-bound, and may soon be received by Pope Benedict into full communion with the Catholic Church.

This change of denominational allegiance is part of a long-standing doctrinal feud over the ordination of women.
It's nice to have some good news every now and then.


Bob said...

That's just in Ireland. The worldwide count is 400,000 according to the article.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Missed that part. Thats what I get for my habit of not reading things thoroughly before I post them. Thats even better news.

Over the past decade, the Church has welcomed thousands of Anglicans - refugees from the moral war their community is engaged in.

To them and all the others - Welcome home!