Monday, October 15, 2007

Father Euteneuer Applauds Bishop McManus For Defense of the Church

FRONT ROYAL, VA — The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International, (HLI) today thanked Bishop Robert J. McManus of Worcester, Mass. for his strong stand over Holy Cross College renting space for a conference sponsored by the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy featuring workshops presented by members of Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.

Father Euteneuer said, “In a time when far too many scandals go unaddressed in our Catholic institutions it is very encouraging to see a bishop take a bold stand in defense of his people and the integrity of the Church.”

Bishop McManus, saying he received numerous complaints about the upcoming conference, issued a statement on his diocesan website saying, “As Bishop of Worcester, it is my pastoral and canonical responsibility to determine what institutions can properly call themselves ‘Catholic.’ … The moral teaching of the Catholic Church on respect for life at all stages of its development is manifestly clear. Life is a fundamental good that must be protected and respected from the moment of fertilization to natural death.”

The bishop continued, “Both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice are notorious for their policies and practices that directly reject the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception and abortion. The College of the Holy Cross should recognize that any association with these groups can create the situation of offering scandal understood in its proper theological sense, i.e., an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil.”

The Bishop expressed his wish that “the college can continue to be recognized as a Catholic institution committed to promoting the moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Father Euteneuer said, “We can expect assaults on human life, Catholic faith and teaching to increase, especially as the national elections approach. I thank God and take courage from the stand taken by Bishop McManus, who heard the cry of his people. Thank you, Bishop McManus.”


bill bannon said...

Blogdom always speaks as though Rome has zero responsibility as to oversight on the Jebbies who are in fact answerable to the Pope by a special arrangement. We have made Vatican City a responsibility free zone filled with ceremonial life chiefly... like inaugurating bronze doors of last weekend. And so we cheer on the lower players in these recurring battles that have gone on for decades. Someday a Pope will come along who will refuse to write books...or be an author or inaugurate doors and he will put many things back into the realm of common sense by getting involved quickly.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Well, I too hope that the Vatican gets as involved as is practical.

Still, there has to be a fine line somewhere at a certain point where 'too much' involvement starts to have negative effects.

I just don't see how the Vatican could reasonably be expected to intervene in this situation (especially given the gravity of many others going on as we speak) but then I assume you're probably alluding to other situations instead of this one.

And I would agree - especially on the CT Bishops issue - that one in particular could really use some papal intervention.

I don't think it's fair to say that B16 has only written books though. While he might not be as involved in some contemporary issues as I would personally like either - he's made a number of exhortations. The problem isn't his lack of direction but the lack of willingness at the parish level to follow his direction.

The Motu Proprio has been shrugged off in my diocese. My pastor insists that our congregation is too stupid to learn what "Kyrie Eleison" means even if we wanted to incorporate it in the Novus Ordo and yet we have a contemporary choir singing "You Raise Me Up" and "Shine Jesus Shine" (and I'm not kidding). What we have (I think) is better understood as widespread
dissidence as opposed to a problem with lack of action at the Vatican level.

I'm a very young Catholic, not even a year under my belt in full communion - so what do I know? But that's just how it appears to me.

bill bannon said...

Look at your description though. A Pope exhorts...parishes disobey....end of story.
And yet you can't imagine Bill Gates exhorting his managers....they disobeying....end of story. No...heads would roll and the next exhortation from Bill Gates would be greeted with due fear.
We need a complete overhaul and Rome needs to pay for a major consultancy firm to comment on their proportion of ceremonies to work/ writing and speeches versus execution of plans while requiring accountability. Rome is too much like civil service and teaching jobs and not enough like the corporate world in which people are held accountable every month and do not have tenure like teachers. How do you think this curia official who got caught at gay living last weekend was able to be a fool and still rise into the curia: because clergy have defined accountability as a knuckle head rises to the top of the Church and most blogs won't even mention that it happened because it's happening goes against our paradigm of Rome as all knowing.
Catholicism is perfect in Her sacraments/ in Her graces accrued by the saints/ in her de fide dogmas/ in her approved liturgies/....not in the layers outside those perfect realities....which include the behaviour of Popes.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Bill, I don't really know what you're getting at. Not everything that happens at the Vatican level is exactly the way it would have happened if I had a magic wand either, but it is the way it would have happened if God had a magic wand (because He does and it did).

Thats not condoning everything that's ever happened on that level. But you're comparing the Church to Microsoft. It should go without saying - the Church isn't a fortune 500 company. It works completely different. Furthermore, the Church isn't a democracy - we don't vote people out of office if they don't do the will of the people.

bill bannon said...

You wrote:
"but it is the way it would have happened if God had a magic wand"

No are saying that the antecedent will of God always takes place and we have Aquinas as a witness that it does not. And we have history to prove otherwise since Pope Alexander VI and Pope Nicholas V each gave Spain and Portugal respectively the right to plunder the non Christian world and enslave "all other enemies of Christ" (Romanus Pontifex 1455 Nicholas V online).

The will of God simply always takes place but that is true of Microsoft or Rome. We indeed need to imitate the corporate desire to work and execute plans. Had we done so in the past 50 years, many boys would have gone unmolested by clergy.

"the antecedent will of God does not always take place" St. Thomas Aquinas (ST Vol.1/quest.19/6th art./reply to obj.1).

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Bill, that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying if I had a magic wand then things would be different. But that's me as a human speaking.

God, being omnipotent, DOES have a magic wand. But He didn't wave it and "fix" things according to our human whims. God could have waved it and prevented the sex abuse scandals. It's not outside of God's power to wave it and make all Popes and all Clergy perfectly holy upon receiving holy orders and prevent them from ever sinning again. But it's simply not what He has done.

So my point is that, us laymen can argue about how the Church should do this or that and we may be right about some of it, but it's much easier when we're armchair popes versus having over a billion souls as your spiritual flock.

The Church has her imperfections (as she always will as long as humanity is involved even though 'imperfection' may be a gross understatement in certain cases.)

Anyway - I think I've kind of forgotten where this conversation was headed.

bill bannon said...