Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Liberals Deny The Latin Mass - Rejecting A Petition

Could liberals be any more transparent? What the hell do you have against the Latin Mass? What could you possibly have against it? The University of Steubenville, Ohio has rejected a petition by students to allow the Latin Mass - standing in defiance of the pope's Motu Proprio. Our parish has already told us no for the same liberal reasons - we want the McMass not the real thing. We want our dinner to be microwaved instead of grilled. We want the living room liturgy - we want ugly bare walls and estrogen-driven music that even the women don't truly like. We want children's choirs and powerless homilies. We want politically correct 'prayers of the faithful' and catechesis that would make Veggie Tales seem like a papal encyclical. We can't dare subject our poor parishioners to anything beautiful or ancient and for God sake nothing solemn. You know what it sounds like we want? A Protestant eccelsial community.


Phil Snider said...

The question could also be asked what is inherently better in a Latin mass? I wouldn't necessarily say a Latin mass is wrong,if there is some linguistic aids so people know what they are praying (or better, knowledge of Latin :)), but I'm not sure that it is inherently better than an equivilent example.


TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Phil, comments got too long. I replied here.

Gretchen said...

I'm with you on this one. I'm going through RCIA right now and I just can't express the boredom, disappointment, etc. NOT ONE WORD OF DOCTRINE in 4 weeks. My parish is toying with the idea of a 'smells and bells' Mass, but rushed to reassure us that it would not by any means be in Latin! Music isn't too bad, but there's almost no music from the greats. I could go on, but you already know it all. :-)

Johnny Vino said...

and catechesis that would make Veggie Tales seem like a papal encyclical.

Oh Snap! No you didn't.