Friday, November 09, 2007

Go Archbishop O'Brien

Man, this kind of stuff is encouraging. Something I need right now with my schola being fired and so far two different pastors in my diocese acting in disobedience to the pope regarding the Latin Mass.

Baltimore, Nov. 9, 2007 ( - Baltimore's Archbishop Edwin O'Brien has removed a pastor who invited a female Episcopalian priest to join him in celebrating a funeral Mass, the Baltimore Sun reports.


Joseph said...


Tim A. Troutman said...

Yup. I asked the Pastor of the Church in Belmont. I'm currently awaiting responses from two others.

Joseph said...

You know. I heard that Belmont Abbey was orthodox in teaching. I'm a little confused. One of the nuns (who wears a pantsuit instead of a habit, of course) who taught objectively heretical material in the Lay Ministry Course for the diocese also teaches at Belmont College. I don't know what to think about the Charlotte diocese anymore.

Joseph said...

Did you contact St. Michael the Archangel in Gastonia? He is allegedly very orthodox. Then again, I hear from many sources that Belmont College is.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Yea, I'm waiting to hear from him. God willing I'll be asking the bishop soon. Then we'll know where the diocese stands for sure.

Joseph said...

His Excellency, the Archbishop O'Brien, has much more work to do. I read a post on Thos' blog where he identifies a flagrantly disobedient parish. One of those "gay friendly" refuges. There is one in Charlotte as well. Listed on the "gay friendly" roll. It's St. Peter's in downtown. Of course, it's run by... drum roll please... the Jesuits.

Let's hope that the good Abp. cleans up that parish that Thos identified, for the good of Baltimore and the Church.

Dorian said...

O'Brien IMHO acted like a pharisee. He comes with a military history of throwing his weight around there. Think of that poor family of the bereathed and how they must feel about the funeral turning out like this.
What would Jesus do? Not this. He was inclusive. Remember the Sumaritan woman at the well? Jesus was inclusive.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Dorian, as you apparently have absolutely no idea who the Pharisees were and even worse you have no idea who Jesus was - I suggest you first start by reading the gospels.

You bring up the Samaritan woman, how about the Greek woman born in Syrian-Phonecia? You remember - the one whose race Jesus metaphorically referred to as "dogs"? Jesus wasn't a liberal and calling Him "inclusive" borders on blasphemy were it not for the sheer stupidity of the statement itself.

Once again I echo - go Archbishop O'Brien!

Thos said...


Your prejudices against those affiliated with the military aside, Archbishop O'Brien did not take up his post in Baltimore immediately following duty as a Marine Corps Drill Instructor (those tyrants!). He was an Army CHAPLAIN about four decades ago. Chaplains do not boss and push people around the way a DI does. They counsel, they console, and they listen. They are atypical military officers.

He has since been Archbishop of the Military Diocese, meaning he oversaw priest-chaplains in the military and tended to the Catholic civilian dependents of military servicemembers. These are hardly militaristic duties, and I suspect he was in less of a position to exert formal magisterial authority on a daily basis than he is now.

But military prejudices are hard to live down, as you've demonstrated.

Peace in Christ,