Monday, December 31, 2007

Anglican Seminarian to Convert to the Catholic Church

Over the weekend I attended a Byzantine mass and afterwards at the potluck meal, I met an Traditionalist Anglican in the seminary who said he was preparing to convert to the Catholic Church. Interestingly, my friend who is an elder at an "Orthodox Presbyterian Church" (OPC) had originally tried to steer me to the very parish where he attends. (He knew I was leaning towards high Church liturgy and wanted to steer me anywhere except the Catholic Church. He also knew that this particular Anglican parish was not in communion with Canterbury). Turns out the seminarian also attended the same OPC parish where my friend is an elder for about a year before entering the Anglican seminary.

I asked him what issues had caused him to stop seminary training and become Catholic. He said they were the usual reasons but mainly Church authority. To our shame, he said the one thing he was going to miss about being Anglican was having communion rails.


StBasil said...

We have communion rails at every Holy Mass! I attend a traditional Latin liturgy, now the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. God bless Benedict XVI.

I think the more the traditional Latin Mass is spread, the more often it is offered, the more people are exposed to it, then the more people will want it. The Novus Ordo, in my humble opinion which has been wrong before, has run its course. It is full of creativity which most often leads to indifference at best or innovation at worst. The new translations will help though.

Great posts on here from what I have read. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I dont thin the novus ordo to be a failure. I do think however that many people have abused it to the point that the Pope had to bring back the beauty of the Latin Rite in order to revitalize the later one.

RomanCatholic Deacon said...

Many of the older churches still have Communion rails. I served in two. Unfortunately they were not used for Communion but instead decorated with plants for the Holidays. The Novus Ordo can be beautiful and inspiring if it is celebrated correctly according to the Rubrics. I'm looking for a "Reform of the Reform" one day!