Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Calvin Against Luther

Oh what a tangled web we weave... Check out Dave Armstrong's post on Calvin's thoughts on Luther.

I am carefully on the watch that Lutheranism gain no ground, nor be introduced into France. The best means, believe me, for checking the evil would be that confession written by me .
Funny how it's not the Scriptures that would best expose Luther's errors but rather the magisterial teachings of Calvin. Just what does sola scriptura mean anyway?


joseph said...

"written by me... Precious... Luther takes it from us, Precious... Luther is trixy."

Dave was kind enough not to add the rest of his quote.

Anonymous said...

So, is Calvin saying that he authored his own religion? This is more than being his own Magisterium. The Pope nor the Catholic Magisterium has ever claimed to have authored the Catholic religion.

This quote either indicts Calvin as saying he is somewhere between God and man or that he is somewhere on par with God.

Come to think of it, did Moses ever say that he authored the Law?

I wonder if this quote was taken out of context. Surely, Calvinism would not have existed this long, even in its mutated form, being led by such an egotist.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Joseph - thats hilarious.

Anon - Some of the same things could be said of many of Luther's quotes and actions. Luther ordered the slaughter of over 100,000 German peasants during a revolt. One would think - the people would have surely recognized him as a 'false prophet' and return to the Catholic Church at this point (and many did) but Lutheranism survived as we all know. (To back this up see Protestant Church Historian Bruce Shelley... If you want an exact ref. complete with page numbers let me know I have it on file at home)

As mentioned in a recent post, most Protestants had Protestantism forced on them contrary to popular opinion.

Dave Gudeman said...

I can't figure out how you draw those conclusions from that quote. All I see there is that Calvin considered his tract to be the clearest and most persuasive argument against Luther. How does that mean that he has authored his own religion or anything else other than a judgment on the state of religious argument of the time?