Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fathers Raising Daughters

Here's an excellent interview of Meg Meeker, author of "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know". This excerpt was particularly telling of how backwards our culture has gotten:

Q: A father is a daughter's best ally seems to be the consensus of your book. While studies say that it is parents who are the key to their children's happiness, what is the unique offering of a father to a daughter that a mother cannot offer, especially in her relationship to God?

Meeker: I think that one of the reasons I wanted to address this issue head-on, is that a father is a daughter's great ally, which today is not only overlooked, but is directly attacked. If you look at the typical sitcom, the father is portrayed as someone who is comical, humorous and just plain dumb, and as though he has something to learn from his daughter.
We're not fighting a 'culture war' anymore. We lost that a long time ago. We're living in a culturally- post apocalyptic society.


Chad Toney said...

Yeah...good interview. And I put her book on my wishlist. I'm gonna have a daughter any day now!!!

Gretchen said...

Look at how long "The Simpsons" have been around...Lisa is vastly superior to Homer, etc. Yes, I agree we lost this battle long ago.

Thos said...


God bless your wife, daughter, and you too! Way to go!


I think we've lost the battle in the sense you mean it, but of course we have never lost "the battle", and must continually take up "arms". Right?

And perhaps a post-Christian culture is better for Christianity anyway. I'm coming to believe that more and more. It almost seems like it'll be easier for me to raise my four sons in this society than it was for my parents or grandparents to raise their children in a society that was Christian in face and name, but not really in substance.

I have the feeling, probably entirely based on where I am spiritually, that this culture is more conducive to genuine ecumenical efforts. The truth of the Church will emerge as Christianity is tested by adversity (purified by fire, in Biblical terms, perhaps).

Am I too "Onward Christian Soldier"ish?

Peace in Christ,

Tim A. Troutman said...

Thos - I agree with you. When I said we lost the culture war I was speaking in strictly temporal terms - not referring to the Church.

And I think you're right, as materialism and anti-Christian bigotry become more prominent in our society it gives us more and more opportunity to live the gospel and teach our children to do so. Not that society hasn't always been doing this but like you said, its becoming more distinct and less subtle.

I am convinced we will have anti-Christian legislation within the very near future in America. It already exists to some extent in other places. Depending on who is elected, it may be before the end of the decade.

Gretchen - thats a perfect example. I used to like the Simpsons but have found myself liking them less and less as time goes on.

Thos said...


I think we already see anti-Christian legislation abound.

* We must send our children to school, but must have them fully vaccinated to be in school. Some people may only be offered vaccine strands developed using an aborted fetus (see here: for a good article on that matter).

* Pharmacists must sell the Pill, the RU-486 abortion pill, etc. Good luck to any store clerk who feels his Christian faith demands that he not sell condoms!

* Property owners often are required to rent their homes without discriminating against people whom they believe are in a sinful relationship (e.g., same-sex partners or unmarried heterosexuals).

* Then there's tax support to the likes of Planned Parenthood, and last I checked you still have to pay your taxes.

Just some that come to mind, though there are probably many more and better examples than these.

And yet one has the option of making an affirmation over taking an oath to enter public office (for the sake of the Quakers originally), and the conscientious objector exception to the draft mandate only ever came to be out of respect for the pacifist anabaptists' religious sentiments. Such concern for forced violations of conscience seem to be on the decline.

Peace in Christ,

Tim A. Troutman said...

Thos - you're right about those things.. forcing Christians to violate their conscience already exists. It's only going to get worse I'm afraid. I mean to say that the level of anti-Christian legislation is going to be raised a notch.

Our culture doesn't have the backbone to fight to regain territory lost.

Peter Kreeft said we're not the Roman Empire trying to defend itself from the barbarians at our walls, we're the barbarians at the walls beating in. We are winning the war and will win, the problem is we're fighting for the wrong side.

On the issue of vaccination, my school demanded that I vaccinate my step-son (he had already been vaccinated in the Philippines but did not have sufficient documentation) I wrote a letter of refusal for health and religious reasons (not being sure of which vaccines had been created by immoral means). They let him stay which means I get all the free secular indoctrination that I could want for my son.

If people think that Hitler convinced Germany that Jews ought to be killed then they're badly mistaken. It took years and years of nazi indoctrination in the school system. We're experiencing the same sort of indoctrination now with our schools and have been for some time. Only this time its not Jews its Christians. All I'm saying is get ready.