Friday, January 11, 2008

Gregorian Chant Schola in Charlotte

My Gregorian chant schola has launched their own website (I used blogger to keep the maintenance to a minimum). Now the rogue schola (kicked out of our parish) we are under the patronage of Saint John the Beloved, hence the name - "St. John's Sacred Ensemble".

If you're in the Charlotte diocese and want to learn how to chant, get in contact with us! We need male and female voices. If you have myspace, then add us as a friend.

Even if you're not in the Charlotte area, you may still be interested to check the site out. I have some pretty good chant resources including links to various audio sites. More to come in the future as I have time and we'll eventually have our own stuff up their too.. Peace


Chad Toney said...

That's an excellent logo!

And if I haven't told you already, I got the bumper sticker! Thanks! I think it had been here a while, but got lost in the move. D'oh!

Tim A. Troutman said...

Thanks. My friend did it for me. Glad you finally got the bumper sticker. I found out it doesn't hold up so well in the rain, colors starting to run. Maybe I have a thing or two to learn about printing bumper stickers.