Monday, January 14, 2008

High Tridentine Mass

Yesterday I had the great privilege of attending a High Tridentine mass on the feast of the Holy Family. I attended a Novus Ordo in the morning at my usual parish (my wife had to work so I had to make sure she got there).

Talk about freakin' night and day... First, I would say that the Tridentine mass was the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven except it would be lacking of a description. In fact, the mass is the meeting of Heaven and earth and the Tridentine mass is living proof of it.

I arrived with my brother and cousin about an hour and a half early and met with a group of eight other men who were singing in the schola. We worked through the Rossini propers and the Aspereges Me. (They were going to chant the full propers of the mass but were unable to put it together in time so they/we resorted to the easier Rossini versions). I must say for a group of guys who (mostly) just met each other I think we did pretty good. So my first Tridentine mass was spent in the balcony chanting with the schola (I could see some of it but not most of it).

The choir was freakin awesome and they had an excellent violinist playing. They sung mass ordinaries by Mozart and Hayden (including Mozarts last piece the Ave Verum Corpus).

I have more to say when I get the time. I told my friend after mass sarcastically - you know the only thing I missed was having a guitar at the ambo...

Anyway, guys if you have the opportunity to go to a Latin mass - do it! And if you don't have the opportunity in your diocese, start a petition and get some support. It's worth it.


Thos said...

For the record, at least one reader is interested in what else you have to say when you find the time...

Peace in Christ,

Tim A. Troutman said...

Thanks for the interest. I didn't have the time but I posted something anyway.