Friday, January 25, 2008

Perhaps The Most Philosophically Significant Video of the Decade

Or maybe not. It's Friday, time to have a little fun. No one else seems to think this video is funny but I literally cannot stop laughing to the point of physical pain when I watch it. Am I just weird? Isn't this monkey funny? Can I get some back up? (Can't get the video to embed for some reason. Blogger keeps saying my tag isn't closed.. Anyone know why?)


Thos said...


Ha ha! That's my local Baltimore network!!! It sure beats them running through how many folks were shot that day. Yeah, it was funny.

[When it says close tags, it means it wants something like: <"/a"> (forget the quotes, I had to put them in for it to even allow the brackets in a combox) at the end of your "edit html" string.]


------- Theo ------- said...

Well, I just started a blog, here
with a sort of Catholic Philosophy flavor to it. Any chance I might get the chimp to participate in it? Oh and of course, you are welcome to drop by too.