Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Anglican Priestesses to be Received into Full Communion With Rome

Hat's off to these women for such a courageous and humble move. H/T Curt Jester. Interestingly, they cite being "treated like dirt" as one of (if not the) primary reason for the conversion.


Dave Gudeman said...

That article raises more questions than it answers. If they were being treated like dirt as women clergy in the Anglican church, how does it benefit them to move the Roman church which doesn't let them be clergy at all?

Tim A. Troutman said...

Well I can't speak for their personal experience but I suppose it might parallel the feminist experiment in general.

Are the "liberated" women of today treated with more or less dignity and respect than the women of 200 years ago? I think any reasonable person would say less. Fallen man tries to change or reverse God's natural order because we think it would be better if it had been done a certain way. We end up learning that our ideas often have the opposite effect we were hoping for.

The feminist cry for equal rights and dignity for women has left the women wondering why they're viewed almost exclusively as sex objects in our society. That's the opposite of what they wanted!

The priestesses in the Anglican faith wanted to be like the male priests that God ordained. They found out that even if they dressed up and played priest, they're still not a real priest and everyone on the planet knows it deep down inside. They can't be a real priest but they can be a real woman.

Embracing your sexuality is a commendable effort these days as most men seem to want to be more effeminate and most women want to be more masculine. In the process, most men are deliberately neglecting the headship they were called to and most women are assuming the role. Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out why the families aren't functioning properly?

So I don't know in what way they were treated like dirt in the Anglican faith, but in the Catholic Church, telling someone they can't be a priest is not treating them like dirt (otherwise I'd be treated like dirt since I'm not allowed to become one).

God didn't treat 11 tribes of Israel like dirt when He told them only the Levites could be priests.