Friday, January 18, 2008

Uta Heinemann - Liberal Stupidity Personified

This article was interesting. H/T NotMyOpinion. Heinemann shows (albeit from an antagonist's perspective) why the Roman Pontiff as the head of the Church is so vital.

From a practical perspective, the simple conclusion is - it worked. The simple fact that no other organization has ever done it (or even come close) is significant.

Anyway, listen to what she says:

On a number of key issues, he [Lehmann] has one truth for the pope and the simple-minded, and another for theology professors such as Karl Rahner.
Notice how she lumps the pope in with "the simple-minded"... And this is coming from a woman who makes fun of people who take Christianity seriously (which would be fine except that she professes to be a Christian).
Which reforms do you think the Catholic Church needs most?

The pope should not be infallible. But I'm pessimistic. This will never happen. Nothing will change. Anyone who doubts the anti-abortion and anti-condom stance, for example, will simply never be allowed to become a bishop.
The pope either is or isn't infallible (rather has the power to exorcise the charism of infallibility) it is never a question of "should" he be or "shouldn't" he be..That is, well in a nutshell, retarded.

Why is the Catholic Church incapable of changing?

As an entity, the Catholic Church has taken 2000 years to achieve a theocratic concentration of power. The pope doesn't just want to rule the Vatican, he wants to rule the world.
MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. Soon we will rule even the stars themselves and bind them all to the power of the holy father. Then we will force them to worship Mary and the saints.

Seriously, this woman lost all credibility by not converting to another religion. Why stay Catholic if she feels that Catholicism is false? Hey Heinemann - newsflash: Protestant denominations don't have the pope - and all of them are fine with condoms and a number of them accept abortion and women priestesses. Why don't you join them?

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Even when in error truth is hard to ignore.