Friday, February 15, 2008

Belmont Abbey College: No Subsidies For Evil

Hat Tip: Curt Jester

Manassas, VA - Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina has amended the health insurance plan provided by its carrier to remove coverage for abortions, voluntary sterilizations and contraception. The provisions allowing these practices were recently discovered. and the college moved quickly to rectify the situation. The college has since been faced with complaints from a few employees to state and federal agencies, but remains undaunted.

President William Thierfelder said, “As a Roman Catholic institution, Belmont Abbey College is not able to and will not offer nor subsidize medical services that contradict the clear teaching of the Catholic Church. There was no other course of action possible if we were to operate in fidelity to our mission and to our identity as a Catholic college.”


andrew said...

good to know. did a search on "tridentine mass charlotte nc" and wound up here. hey tim, we've met at st basil's I think (I recognize your picture). I have since been received into full communion. look forward to perusing your blog. ok if I add the link to mine?

andrew preslar

Tim A. Troutman said...

Yup that was me! Sure what's the link to your blog? Are you the former Anglican I met?

andrew said...

I need remedial grammar. I meant: ok if I add a link to your blog onto my own site? I'll just go ahead and do that and if you feel slandered by the association feel free to raise hell.
I am the former Anglican.
Now Catholic.
Went up to Raleigh to be received before the Great Lent.
See you around.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Welcome to the family. I'll add a link to your blog as well.