Friday, February 15, 2008

Godtube Poll Shows Obama More Popular Than McCain Among Christians?

This article sheds light on the fact that a new Godtube poll shows that Obama has more support than McCain.

There are several big problems with this article. First, the headline is highly misleading. It includes the following "They Would Rather Support Obama or Clinton Than McCain as the Republican Candidate" No. That is not what it means. The forerunner by a long shot is Huckabee. There is more than just a small chance that nearly all of those Huckabee supporters would rather support McCain than Obama. In other words, if Huckabee doesn't get the nomination - his supporters would almost all belong to McCain or whoever the Republican candidate is.

The other problem is that the article makes it sound like the Godtube poll is actually statistically valid:

The number of participants continues to grow with an astounding 11,075 new voters registered this week. is utilizing internet survey techniques to ensure fairness and only includes the leading primary candidates.
Uh, no it's not I just clicked on the damn thing and took it and they have no idea who I am. No valid survey is conducted in this way. The best you could possibly hope for from this survey is a very rough (still not statistically accurate) idea of who Godtube frequenters (not all of them are Christian I'm sure) would vote for. This is not representative of Christianity by any chance and it sure isn't representative of the general population.

With all that said, it's an embarrassment that even one so-called Christian would vote for either Obama or Clinton... especially Obama. Have some dignity people. He voted to allow doctors to leave children to die if the abortion failed and the child was born alive. This isn't about politics at this level, it's about pure evil.

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