Friday, March 28, 2008

All Stereotypes are Bad

I hope you caught the contradiction above – most people don’t seem to. We think generalizations and stereotypes are bad things. It’s actually stereotypical to say stereotypes are bad and so the concept (like many other liberal ideas) is self refuting. I’m not sure why it’s a particularly liberal idea but I generally see the hard core left most adverse to this wonderful gift we humans have of being able to categorize things for easy contemplation or decision making.

I think we’ve all heard such nonsensical clichés as: “Generalization is a weak mind’s refuge”… Well that’s sort of a general thing to say there isn’t it?

It’s akin to the liberal who always pulls out the “judge not card” – in doing so, he is guilty of the same behavior which he thinks the Scriptures forbid. Likewise, the next time you hear some fool bemoaning generalizations and stereotypes, remind them that they’re lumping all of us who like to stereotype into a group and pronouncing their stereotypical (judgment) on us.

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Míriam Bergo said...

I laughted a lot, but it is indeed true! Very smart of yours.
It is just like relativism. There are people who believe that there is no absolut truth because everything is relative. Well, they're just pronouncing an absolutist discourse, aren't they? From what we may logicaly conclude that relativism is also relative.