Monday, April 21, 2008

Bill Maher Slams the Pope on HBO

The always distasteful and ever cowardly liberal Bill Maher hides behind a culture of anti-Catholicism to slander the pope and the Catholic Church. You wouldn't let someone talk about your earthly mother this way - don't take it in regards to our mother the Church either. Tell HBO to Fire Bill Maher.


Rob said...

Renee said:

Hi Tim,

I realize your angry about Bill Maher’s comments on his show.

I believe Bill Maher was raised by both a Jewish and a Catholic parent. Somehow, he ended up an Atheist. Go figure….

The point being, in my 45 years I have heard just about every anti-Catholic remark, joke, and insult aimed at me or the Catholic religion and our Church.

It’s not right, I get angry but I have come to expect it. Both when I speak to people or each time I turn on the television.It seems to be getting worse and worse each day.

We can not censure others words, or oppinions, so the best that we can do is either stop supporting their programs or just accept the fact, that for many others, our Church represents the enemy.

We need to forgive and pray for these people.

It has been said that Anti-Catholicism is the most excepted prejudiced in the country.

We have to be thick skinned to be Catholics. Look at our history, and all who died for the Church.

I heard a Priest say once, “that we Catholics forget sometimes that our Lord, was hated, spit upon, whipped, tortured and crucified and We His followers, expect to be treated kinder by others.”

I do not think HBO will take a stand. But, your right, we should not remain silent.

Just remember what Jesus said, “ If they hate you, know that they hated me first” and "Blessed are you, who are persecuted in my name".

For me,I choose to look at each attack and insult as postive affirmation of the Lord's helps me to not want to attack back.


Tim A. Troutman said...

Renee, those are fair comments and I agree. HBO is clearly catering to a certain audience. I just think we Catholics need to stop patronizing corporations like HBO, McDonalds and whoever else openly supports and promotes anti-Catholic bigotry and hatred.

What bothers me isn't so much his words, but the fact that HBO would have fired him the second he said it were it against any other religious or ethnic group. We live in a world of widespread cowardice and hypocrisy.

Rob said...

Renee said:

I agree with you 100% Tim.

If it were any one else that such hateful, bigoted remarks were directed against,people would lose their jobs. It is an accepted prejudice (anti-Catholicism) in this country.

If it were any other religion, for example Judaism or if the insults were racial or sexist, people would be up in arms. But,for some reason any attacks against the Catholic church are overlooked by most people,except for mostly Catholics.

It should concern all Christians, when a member of their own is attacked .They themselves could very well be next.

Bill Maher’s words directed against Catholics made him, himself resemble a Nazi, who used words of hate against the Jewish for their religious beliefs.

It’s ironic that his “joke” backfired and shone the reflection of the mirror on himself instead of the Catholic church whom he was trying to dishonor.

I am sure some of his fans and others would not see that point though. The world is full of hateful and small minded people.

Anyway, count me in, if you can come up with anymore ideas to counteract the attacks of bigotry. I for one, will stop patronizing Anti-Catholic organizatins.

I wish that there was someway we could stop this type of hate. It is everywhere we turn, and it makes me sick.


Rob said...

Renee said:

I should confess, that I have watched his show in the past. Not faithfully, but occassionally when he would have a guest that I personally found interesting.

I did not see the show that is the topic of this discussion. I saw a clip on the news today.

I can say in all truthfulness, that I will not be watching again, regardless of who is guest is.


George Weis said...

My advice...

Stop watching HBO :)

It isn't a place that he;ps you grow spiritually anyway. No, you are more likely to be bombarded with messages that you shouldn't be receiving. More advice... SMASH YOUR TV! I hate TVs. Nothing is left unspoiled on there.


P.S. Bill doesn't just attack Catholics only. He has been known to knock on Christians in general. He knocks on everyone.. makes himself feel better for low self esteem ;)

Rob said...

Renee said:


I am considering dropping HBO. But, I can not smash my television.
I like keeping informed by the world events and politics with the news, both state, local and worldwide.

I also like watching EWTN, and the cooking and gardening shows, and as you know my digital music channels.

Bill Maher usually has politicians and reporters who cover the Irag war as guests. That is the reason I have watched him a few times in the past.

This week he crossed a line.

TV is no different than the internet. You just have to be selective about what you watch, or which sites you go on.

Actually, my personal oppinion is that the internet can be more dangerous to moral virtues, because site names and searches can be misleading and you never know where you might end up. This has happened to me quite a few times.

Where as television, you can at least assume you are watching something you choose, or you can simply turn it off. Which I plan to do with HBO.


George Weis said...


yeah, it is and it isn't. Every Channel on TV save select Christian/Catholic channels are full of commercials that are slowly eroding the standards of the population. Let alone, even seemingly harmless shows with "redemptive" qualities use the Lords name in vain, or sell the public views contrary to views we both hold as central to our faithful lives.

The internet has worse things on it, yes! You can certainly stumble onto things you don't want to see there. But in large, if you use some sense and sensor, you can avoid all the gunk. Stick to places you know aren't seeking to sell all sorts of junk to our minds. I have been very successful in this endeavor.

No TV is my conviction... not yours. I don't try to push people into my convictions... but I like to suggest the idea :) It has done wonders for my mind and my heart!

Bless you all!

Ashley Weis said...

The news can be attained through a newspaper, for less money and without the garbage on commercials. You can watch regular television channels (non-cable) and be fed tons of junk that God would disapprove of. Religious channels can be listened to on the internet or via downloadable videos. Which, in my opinion, are the only safe channels to watch.

Most of the time televisions are idols. Period. They are not essential, and certainly not helpful in our devotion to God. They are distracting and put tons of things into our minds that do not need to be there.

For example, the last time I was over someone's house and they had the television on (which, in most houses, is playing 24/7 in all rooms) I heard God's name used in vain within the first minute of being in the room. (These same people use God's name in vain every time I talk to them, yet they say they are devoted to Christ. Hmmm...)

Why would I want a television? Why would anyone who loves Christ want a television?

It's nothing short of distracting and mind-numbing... desensitizing us and causing us to stoop so low that we don't mind hearing God's name used in vain, or watching Victoria's Secret ads pop up.

Sure. They may not cause everyone to stumble, but it's 30 seconds of supporting lust. Or watching sitcoms and laughing for 30 minutes while people cheat on their husband's, use God's name in vain, and live lifestyles contrary to a set-apart life, devoted to God.

Yeah, not something I want to be a part of.

I'll never understand why followers of Christ defend their televisions. Strange.

Ashley Weis said...

Oh, and as for the internet, don't go to a web site that you have not heard of and you won't be fed sinful advertisements or worldy crap.

And if, for some reason, you can't use the internet without seeing crap... don't use it. Just like the t.v.

Doc Rampage said...

Far be it from me to be one-upping you in the persecuted religion category :-) but conservative protestants get it a lot worse than Catholics. When was the last time you heard fake outrage from the mass media about anti-protestant teaching from a Catholic? Yet frequently when they want to character-assassinate a conservative protestant, they accuse him of being anti-Catholic. The point being that they will defend Catholics against conservative protestants, but not the reverse.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Are you referencing the John Hagee incident recently? That is the only time that I can think of such a thing happening but it wasn't the media who slammed him for being anti-Catholic, it was Catholic activist groups and the media merely covered their comments. This doesn't amount to anti-Protestant media bias.

I agree that the media dislike conservative Protestants nearly as much as they dislike the Catholic Church but I don't agree that they dislike them more. In fact, even conservative Protestant denominations are more liberal than the Catholic Church and consequently closer to the media's liking.

In reality, mainstream Protestantism is just fine by the media's standards.

In the media world, there is rarely (if ever) something that would offend Protestant Christians that would not also be an affront to Catholic Christians but I dont think the reverse is true.

George Weis said...

Anyone who considers themselves a follower of Christ should find offense with what the media says and does. Beyond that, what is on TV and movies should be utterly appalling to all of us who call ourselves Christians.

I don't see in large Catholics or Protestants who take their faith seriously enough to keep their eyes, ears, mouths and HEARTS pure.

About the media... they hate conservatives by in large. Period. Protestants and Catholics are practically lumped in one.

again I say... trash the TV!


Tim A. Troutman said...

Yea I agree. I don't watch TV myself except football & soccer (and those are seasonal). But you don't have to watch TV to get exposed to the anti- Christian bigotry of the MSM.

Anyway, I'm with you and Doc on this one to the extent that we agree that the media hates conservatives whether their Catholic or Protestant.

Doc Rampage said...

Come on, Tim. The word "fundamentalist" is about the worst curse word that a media person can use, and it refers to conservative protestants. Back in the seventies and the eighties, the media thought that the Catholics were the _good_ religion as opposed to those e-e-e-evil fundamentalists and creationists.

The Hagee incident is only one example. The other big example was Bob Jones university when Bush visited it back in 2000. Similar criticisms of anti-Catholicism have been leveled at various evangelicals.

By the way, Hagee is only anti-Catholic in the same sense that the Pope is anti-protestant. All the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth by the Catholic activists is a bit hypocritical. And it wasn't just Catholic activists. Hagee has become the goto guy for the media defenders of Obama claiming that Hagee is as bad as Wright --in large part on the basis of the anti-Catholic charge.