Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do Miracles Happen?

If it were the case that miracles don't actually occur, we would never know about it. Some historians rule certain parts of history out a priori because they involve miracles and they say "we know miracles don't happen". How do we know it? By observing the world around us? The means we have to observe are all scientific so how could we measure that which intrinsically cannot be measured?

Can miracles happen? Of course not! That's what makes them miracles!


Rob said...

Renee said:

I just explained to my son in law George tonight on the phone, why I am Catholic. I hope he understood me correctly and I did not create any negative oppinions or justify any misconceptions.

Now, that would be a miracle!!!!!

I enjoy your blog Tim. You have some great posts. I always wait to see what your going to come up with next. I can not believe your so young with so much insight. That alone intrigues me. I am glad your apart of our Church.


Rob said...

Renee said:

By the way, I am Sicilian and American Indian. :D

George Weis said...


Tim, looks like my In-Laws love you more than me :D

Just Kidding!

Ma, I already knew why you were a Catholic. Nothing was misrepresented. Although I think in the past you have better made the point.

Tim, Miracles indeed do happen. My mother recently apologized, and that was a first! The Lord is good and faithful.

The only thing is to remember that a wicked generation asks for signs :D

blessed are those who do not see and yet believe...

God bless you brother. I'm glad you're Catholic too! HAHA!

I wonder if you would be as happy that I was a part of your church ma :D Or maybe I would just disturb the peace!

Love to both of you!


Rob said...


I don’t know where you where going with this miracle blog , so I just figured I would give one of the miracles that intrigues me the most.

The miracle that happened in the city of the Frentanese in the 8th century at the Church of St..Legontian where a Basilian monk doubted the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, then during the consecration the host was changed into real flesh and real blood. Just amazing!

Oh yeah the last Pope thing that George miss quoted in a different blog was on the prophecies of St. Malachy O Morgain in 1139 he foretold the identities of 112 Popes, from the reign of Celestine II in 1143 to the present time and beyond. By his predictions the last Pope is the next one named Petrus Romanus during whose reign " the seven-hilled city will be destroyed. "The Church particularly, and understandably, repudiates St. Malachy's last, black prophecy. You should check out St. Malachy he is if nothing else interesting.

Another miracle is the fact that our beautiful Church still stands after 2000 years of attacks from the evil one. Scandals, deception, bad Popes, schisms’ the gates of hell will never prevail.


George Weis said...

Ewww... I hope they didn't eat it after that :\

Whew, I feel like I got knee deep in the rah rah Roman Catholic pool here :D

I can't wait till the Lord Himself one day clears all this up for us!