Friday, April 11, 2008

Valentinians on 'Creation'

If Darwinian evolution turns out to be correct the Valentinian Gnostics were centuries ahead of their time. St. Hippolytus, silly intelligent designer that he was, criticizes them in the following passage (after accusing them of plagiarizing both Plato and Pythagoras):

For the Demiurge[replace, in this context, with 'mother nature' and see if it would fit on the lips of a Darwinist], they say, knows nothing at all, but is, according to them, devoid of understanding, and silly, and is not conscious of what he is doing or working at. But in him, while thus in a state of ignorance that even he is producing, Sophia wrought all sorts of energy, and infused vigour (into him). And (although Sophia) was really the operating cause, he himself imagines that he evolves the creation of the world out of himself: whence he commenced, saying, "I am God, and beside me there is no other".
Our enemies keep regurgitating the same errors and giving different reasons why we should believe them once their former ones are refuted. Part of their 'biblical' justification for such heresy was a thoroughly metaphoric reading of the OT (sound like anyone else you know?)
This (Demiurge), according to them, is Abraham,
How transparently can you possibly read an obviously historical account in such a figurative way for the sole purpose of denying orthodoxy? They keep finding new ways even today. Note: I'm not by any means arguing for a purely literal reading of the book of Genesis here but I'll stand my ground and say little of it (or the Christian faith in general) makes any sense aside from a literal reading.

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