Sunday, May 18, 2008

Music From My Old Band - The Gray Brothers

Just for fun - here are some songs from my old rock band. We stopped playing together in 2003. I sang lead vocals and played keyboards (which included bass on the left hand most of the time). Another guy did background vocals and usually guitar but occasionally bass guitar. The drummer was well out of our league (and age range --- he used to play with Sammy Davis Jr.) This one ended up being our most popular original:

This one was kind of eclectic - we wrote it on an out of tune piano with a guitar de-tuned to the piano. (The piano playing here is in tune though, it's a keyboard):

This one was recorded live at the Double Door Inn 8/17/03.. Before this band, the guitarist and I played in a Latin rock band with 2 brothers from Panama City so we took some of our Latin influence into the new band. This song was much longer, I modified it down to fit within the 10 minute Youtube time limit (mostly cutting from the insanely long drum solo..).. I had a bad case of bronchitis that night so not my best singing and the volume on the keyboard was too low but other than that it turned out pretty good.

And yes I know I made a typo it should be "Live at the Double Door" not "Life at the Double Door".. Too lazy to fix it!

Another original from the same performance:


Rob said...


I love music.
A cross between The Allman Brothers and The Doobies
If you had the beard back then Michael McDonald would not be a far fetch,you even kinda sound like him

Kim said...

Nice voice!

JP said...

That was good man, very catchy.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Thanks guys!

JP said...

Hey Tim,

You are pretty knowledgable guy. I asked a few question on my new blog post. Willing to take a stab at them?

George Weis said...


Good stuff man. Excellent Ivory Tickling there :)
I agree with Papa Dadio (Rob)... that is a good call on his part. I could definitely here you pulling off "takin' it to the streets" HAHA! Thanks for posting it!