Saturday, May 10, 2008

An Old Friend Puts His Swimming Trunks On & Gets Ready to Cross the Tiber

For those of you who know him, JP Manzi has announced that he is preparing to convert to the Catholic Church. JP & I didn't get off to the best of starts.. I guess it was a year or more ago when I "met" him in the combox of another blog and replied pretty harshly on some topic I can't remember. He kept a level head about it though and after some discussion I think we realized we weren't saying such different things after all. I haven't been keeping up with his blog lately but he's been through quite an intellectual ride over the past year or however long. Glad to see the "Return of the Prodigal Catholic" (formerly the "Prodigal Blogger").


Thos said...


Thanks for this note. I hadn't been to JP's blog for a while either. I participated a bit in his big 142-comment "how can you believer what you can't know" post. That was a real blow-out event. He has an earnest heart; would that I could be like that every day (though I'm happy to spared a bout with atheism, or at least hard agnosticism).

Peace in Christ,

JP said...

Thanks guys! I greatly appreciate it.

When I get the opportunity, I'll get your blogs up over at my blog