Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Polycarp's Kitchen

The wife and I have purchased a small "restobar" in Quezon City, Philippines. Quezon City (2.5 million people) is adjacent to Manila. When we had to change the name, I chose "Polycarp's Kitchen" after my patron saint, Polycarp. If you ever happen to be in metro Manila, stop in for a beer on the house :) Just tell them you're there for the God Fearin Forum special... they'll know what you mean. Actually they wont, so don't try it.


Anonymous said...

Renee said:

May I ask you why you chose Polycarp for your Patron Saint.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Wow, fastest comment ever (on my blog). I chose him because he was the first early Church father that I read. His letter to the Philippians was so powerful that the thought crossed my mind "I wonder what kept this from being canonized?" That was but the beginning of a 10 year journey that would eventually lead me to the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Renee said:

I see what you mean about the letter. It is powerful. I wonder if George ever read it? I think he would like it.

10 years!!!!! Boy, you were stubborn. Just kidding. I know it is a very serious and personal journey towards conversion of Faith to the Catholic Church and I would never underestimate how painful it can be for some.

Being a "cradle catholic" I had never given converts to the Church much thought as to what they go through on a personal level when converting to Catholicism, until I returned to the Church myself and read Scott Halnn.

I never really left, I was just a lasped Catholic for most of my young adult years. I did not attend any other Church or denomination. I just did not appreciate what I had. I am now employed with the Archdiocease of Baltimore. Go figure..... 8)

I actually learn so much from you guys. Because you really do your homework. For example, the letter from Polycarp. It is not something I would have happened upon on my own.

I think you guys are the best thing that has happened to the Church in my time.

I as a "cradle catholic" I appreciate your enthusiasm, knowledge and your patient charity toward others that all of you bring to the table to share with us.

I travel through links of many of the blogs and just read. I have learned so much from all of you.

Much thanks and God Bless to all of you.


George Weis said...

I have not read Polycarp's Letter to the Philippians yet, but perhaps I will. You have read it all Ma?

Why do you think I would like it? Of course I would because I like all early church reading material.