Sunday, May 04, 2008

Theology on Crack

On Friday, I did something I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever do. I went out for a beer with my sponsor from RCIA. This may seem like something small to you but you don't know the whole story. See my sponsor and I met a little over two years ago and we've said from the beginning "we need to get up and have a beer sometime" and we never did it. Almost every conversation over two years ended with that tag line. All of the sudden, I had an epiphany: why don't we just literally schedule a time to go out and have a beer?

Well we invited a few others. In fact I think there were seven who showed up. Thats a holy number, it proves something. Funny my sponsor and I didn't even really talk that much. So we need to schedule another one to make up. Here's where I'm going with all of this...

There's something called "Theology on Tap" where young Catholics get together and listen to a speaker talk about a certain point of theology. Well Charlotte no longer has "Theology on Tap" as I understand it. So I'm proposing "Theology on Crack". This is the non-diocesan sponsored version of Theology on Tap. Imagine "Theology on Tap" without a budget or program or really without much thought put into it at all. You'd have what I like to affectionately refer to as "Theology on Crack".

So there it is; rather here it is. I'd like to propose a new meeting for Charlotte Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants (that is: Protestants who are only mildly theologically retarded (I'M JOKING.................. Protestants aren't welcome. Just kidding again)). I crack myself up sometimes. I'm sure my Protestant readers are laughing with me. I invited a Protestant but he didn't show, if he had he may have been one of the best studied guys there. Maybe he'll come to the next one.

At any rate, here's my idea. First Friday of every month: Beer & theology (its the closest thing to Heaven outside of the mass). Informal, no speakers (at least initially) - but the conversation should be geared towards theology.

So, I know a few who were there read my blog. If you're reading and you're down, drop me a line in the com box or by email. (Otherwise I'll hound you by email) And for those who aren't near enough to be interested, call up your buddies and go out for a beer and talk theology. Its fun. Theology on crack. It's kind of catchy.


TheDen said...

Hmmm...not too sure about the title.

I know our local priest wanted to do his own "Beer and Theology" and I believe that "Theology on Tap" is trademarked. So they came up with "Tapped on Theology" which doesn't have quite the ring to it.

andrew said...

maybe something alliterative. there is a wonderful parish in gastonia, nc that features 'donuts and dogma' each Sunday morning.

Some suggestions:

Heinekin and Heresy (in case the prots turn up)

Beer Buzz and the Best of Benedict

Anselm and Ale

Tanked Thomists Trash Talking Thomas Kuhn

Lager and Liturgy (Novus Ordo: Just Say No)

Or something to that effect.

George Weis said...

I like it muchly! Although, I'm not much for beer. I used to be fond of various brands of Whiskey. But I think I so be it :D

I'd try to make it if I lived in the area.

Andrew, those are also some great titles.

Of course from the Protestant perspective, the H&H would already be suitable without protestants in the room ;)

Bless ya Tim!

Take it easy!


Carolina Cannonball said...

I like the Liturgy & Lager suggestion. I am inviting myself next time you get togehter, but I'm fresh out of crack.