Saturday, June 14, 2008

Liturgy & Lager Video - This is Worth Watching

Last night's second session of Liturgy and Lager was excellent. We were lucky to have three Catholic bloggers show up including myself, the Crescat and Andrew Preslar. We also had another Catholic there, a PCA elder and a traditional Anglican. I compiled this promo video which itself has some significant highlights from the early part of the discussion. Some of the discussion is really good and worth watching just for that.

If you have the time, watch the full version (18 minutes) on my Facebook page (and if you have a Facebook account, add me as a friend!) Otherwise, here is the shortened 9.5 minute version:

So if you live in the greater Charlotte area and would like to attend one of these send me an email. Our next one is going to be Friday, July 11th.


Chad Toney said...

I call my similar group Hops and Holiness. But I have trouble getting very many guys to come. Not as cool as you, I guess. ;)

Tim A. Troutman said...

Well there was only 6 of us this time. It's just starting and I'm being selective with who I invite at first to keep a grip on things so we'll see how it goes. I had a blast though.

I'd be interested to hear about your format. Do you have a formal program?

Carolina Cannonball said...

Hops & Holiness is a clever title.
Here's that other group I was telling you about that meets @ the same place.

Might not be a functioning group anymore though.

Good job on the video.

Chad Toney said...

No format or formal program. Let me know what's works for you though.

James H said...

Cool Group

George Weis said...


That was great! What I would do for a group like that.
Where do I find an Anglican round these parts... we've got wibbly wobbly Episcopalians here :D
I already have the Presbys and Catholics. I might be able to find some Lutherans haha!

Your a trip brother, and I love ya all the more for it!


P.S. It is always good when Boston is in the background

Rene'e said...


When I had my group over the house, we found it to be a great benefit to all, to include a Priest in our discussions occassionaly.

You should ask a Priest from your parish to attend one or more of your meetings. The Priests enjoy it as much as others.

It also helps to have a topic so that the Priest has time to prepare, and answer any questions that others may have.

At my parish we have a Priest who is actually "in charge" of our Theology on Tap discussions.He attends each meeting with young adults to discuss the Faith.

Warning.... If you do ask a Priest to attend you may have more people attending than you originally have planned.

We had many extra people who were not part of my group come. Most welcome the opportunity to ask questions to a Priest outside of the church. It is a very educational experience.

Much success on your group. Enjoy....


Carolina Cannonball said...

FYI, the next L&L is July 11... the day after my 33rd birthday. I expect a round!

Joseph said...

Any reason why you chose "Mission: Impossible" as your theme music?

I liked the intro.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Well we were trying to discuss horizontal & vertical liturgy with two Protestants and 4 Catholics - if that's not an impossible mission I dont know what is.

Actually I just thought it's a cool little intro song.