Saturday, June 14, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

I've been tagged by Kim. I already did something like this before which can be found here, but here goes:

The Rules:
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3. Write six random things about you in your blog post.
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Six random things about myself never shared on this blog:

1. While I do love beer I don't like Guinness (*Gasp* I know, beer blasphemy. I expect to take some heat on this one.)

2. I'm currently learning Tagalog.

3. I have two uncles who are professional musicians (one a gospel singer and one a pianist).

4. I've read the whole Bible (a couple times) except for the book of Judith and the last chapters of Daniel which were not included in my Protestant Bibles.

5. I never went to college; in fact I almost didn't finish high school. (I understand Chesterton didn't go to college either so I guess I'm in good company!)

6. I grew up on a 75 acre farm (we didn't raise animals) about 10 miles from a very small town outside of Charlotte. We lived in a two story farm house built just after the civil war. We had a wood stove for heat in the winter and it was my job to split the wood and keep the fire going. It was purchased and we moved to the suburbs of Charlotte when I was 16. The property was changed into a camp for disabled children. I understand that it has undergone a lot of change since and I have yet to go back there. I can't bear to see it any other way than I remember it.

I have to leave for the annual statistics conference at SAS Institute tomorrow and I haven't started packing yet and still have lots to do so I'm tagging whoever reads this and wants to repost. (I know I know, here I am breaking rules again)...


Kim said...

There are more chapters in Daniel?? I dint know that!

Thanks for playing, Tim!

A statistics conference, eh? *yaaaawn* Have fun!

Tiber Jumper said...

"I never went to college; in fact I almost didn't finish high school."
That fact blew my mind!
I assumed you had a math or statistics or linguistics degree.
You'd be even scarier with a theology degree from a good Catholic university.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Well I often feel like the dummy in the group at least when someone brings it up especially at conferences like Im at now (statistics conference). Sunday this guy was going through his long set of credentials which he wasn't shy about culminating with his PHD from Harvard & of course so he's like "And where did you go?" OH yea.. err.. uhm well ... How bout this weather? Hehe

I think I have at least the equivalent education of a BS.... I mean i know I can BS well so that counts for something right? ;)

andrew preslar said...

Americans (as distinct from Euros, I understand) tend to lead with:

What do you do?

These are questions that I try not to ask until I actually know somebody (if then). Sometimes I slip up, through indolence.

I prefer to begin acquaintance with:

What do think about...?

And if that seems impossible, I ask:

Where are you from?

As a last resort:

Who the hell are you?

I wonder if it is possible to describe a non-random fact about oneself, and what are the criteria for such?