Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cowardice & Liberalism

We have the honor of living in an age of prosperity and the shame of living in an age of cowards. When I was younger, bravery seemed a trivial virtue and maybe not even a virtue at all. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to appreciate just how important this virtue is. Only the weak can be brave so we are told (and of course, cowardice abounds in both the weak and the strong). Today you may just as well run across a strong man as a weak one, yet rarely will you find anyone of courage.

My appreciation for bravery has been born, I think, not from admiring the brave (sadly I have few to admire) but from being appalled at the cowardice of the average man. I might not know precisely what I want to be; I do know precisely what I don’t want to be and that is a coward.

Cowardice is largely to blame for those wet-behind-the-ears, mad at mom & dad young men and women who go into secular universities with some loose standards and come out four years later convinced of liberalism. (They’ll go on to vote for Obama I can assure you). Cowardice is also to blame for would-be scholars like Jim West. I said “would-be” not because of incompetence on his part but because cowardice and liberalism reduces competence (no matter how great) to utter incompetence. So I wasn’t too surprised to see Ben Witherington defending Obama on his blog first saying he wasn’t a Muslim (fair enough) but then going on in the combox to say that he (Obama) was innocently ignorant of Rev. Wright’s appalling doctrines. To what else can we attribute this unbelievable lapse of judgment on Witherington’s part? What sane Christian would take a stand with someone like Obama? I told Witherington that I wish Obama were a Muslim, at least then he’d know the difference between murder and a woman’s natural right.

These are the days we live in. In this time of relative peace the world itself makes war on rationality and cowardice makes war on bravery. Who cannot see the cowardice on the part of a man like PZ Myers? He desecrates what is sacred only to those who he knows cannot / will not harm him. Is that bravery? Is it reasonable in any way?

The time is rapidly approaching where the need to separate the men from the mice reaches a critical point. For Christians these days think that unity is to be desired above truth and friendliness above Godliness. We will defend those, like Obama, who support infanticide if only we may brush aside partisan differences in the interest of being nice to each other. But as Christians, we have one ultimate model of behavior and He wasn’t a “nice guy”. Nice guys don’t get crucified. I’m not a nice guy when it comes to cowards and liberals or scholars who distort the truth delivered to us from the fathers. (In a day which saw much braver men than our day, they called those men “heretics”).

We wonder if certain cowards like Myers would desecrate a Koran if he is so offended by “superstition”. Then do not let yourself be deceived by Ben Witherington. Would he defend Nietzsche like he defends Obama? If one accused Mussolini of being a Muslim, would Witherington rush to his aid like he did for Obama?

It requires bravery in this age to call evil evil and cowards do not possess the will to disassociate themselves from every taint of idolatry and wickedness.

Am I guilty of partisan politics? Divisive comments? When one side supports murdering the innocent and the other side doesn’t – you’re damn right I am.


Tim A. Troutman said...

I see that Myers apparently desecrated a Koran as well. Perhaps he is braver than I thought (if that qualifies as bravery).

Gretchen said...

Tim, this line of yours is perfect: "For Christians these days think that unity is to be desired above truth and friendliness above Godliness."

It is difficult to find Christians who are willing to grapple with the question of truth and risk alienating someone. Calling a spade a spade is a faux pas of the highest order, and it has indeed fostered a level of cowardice that is breathtaking in our society today.

Gretchen said...
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Devin Rose said...

Rock on, Tim!

Kim said...

Okay, Mr. Bravery, why didn't you post links to these 2 instances you mentioned? *poke poke*

I admit that I was put off with Witherington's finger wagging in that post. I never went to the combox.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Cuz I don't want to help his google rankings :P

Kim said...

Well, that was moderately brave. :P Man, that Myers dude's just vile. I can see why you wouldn't want to attract him or his cronies over here.

Rob said...


PZ Myers desecrated a consecrated host, pages from a Qur‘an ,and a book by Richard Dawkins called The God Delusion . This professor from the University of Minnesota should be fired. Christens of all faiths should unite to get this accomplished by writing or calling the president and chancellor of the university and demanding his dismissal. If you go to Jimmy Akins web site you will find the addresses and phone numbers for both.

One of the hardest things for me to do, living my Catholic faith is to pray for people like PZ Myers and Christopher Hitchens , but I must .We all must pray for God to forgive them ,and to soften there hearts, but this does not mean we should allow people like this to continually do or say what ever it is they want with out repercussions. Take a stand people, the line in the sand has been crossed by Myers PUSH HIM BACK! Put on the armor of God and stand up for our Lord it is the least we can do


R. E. Aguirre. said...



R. E. Aguirre

Tim Troutman said...

Eh... Obama is full of himself (among other stuff which I wont mention).

So you found that link via Vox Nova? Speaking of cowardice and liberalism...