Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Earthly Things

From St. Augustine in "The City of God":
Of such evils Apuleius speaks briefly in one passage of that book which he wrote, De Mundo, saying that all earthly things are subject to change, overthrow, and destruction.
And since none of these may be said of the Catholic Church, how is it that one would number her among "earthly things" as if started and upheld by mere men? Isn't it near blasphemy to attribute to mere men what required the Holy Spirit to do?

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George Weis said...

This might be a good statement, and one I have heard in reference to a much younger organization, but then we have to start thinking of Buddhism, Taoism and Islam is trailing Christianity by a few hundred years.

Not to be a pain in the pants :D

But I know you know this already ;)