Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ok, I'm Immature

I'm listening to City of God by audio book while working. The topic now is a serious one and one I am greatly interested to follow his thought process on -which is why this line just caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud:
"Some have such command of their bowels, that they can break wind continuously at pleasure, so as to produce the effect of singing." -City of God 14.24
So if you laughed, you're immature too.


Andrew Preslar said...

I have known people who have that gift. There are, however, some unfortunate side effects.

Victor said...

OMGosh...I'm immature.

Rene'e said...


I think this is your most profound post yet.

The Catholic Journeyman said...

Tim - call me infant then.

BTW Augustines "Confessions>>>>" complete audio book is free at
just for August (pun intended?) in case you missed it.