Monday, August 18, 2008

Theological Errors

Occasionally, I will translate one of my blog posts into Japanese to post on my Japanese blog. Usually, I write in English & then translate into Japanese but I thought I'd try it the other way around for fun. Here's the translation of this short post:
I think one of the most common mistakes of theology is to think of God as if He were a smart and powerful version of me. Surely the atheist is especially guilty of this error. He thinks [if there was a god, this is the kind of person he would be]. But the real God surprises us. If a dog cannot comprehend the mind of his owner, since a dog's mind is closer to a human's than is a human's to God's, it should not surprise us that we cannot anticipate the things of God.
It's difficult to theologize in Japanese! I think I'll stick with writing these in English first.

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