Monday, September 08, 2008

The Kingdom of Heaven & the Kingdom of Hades

If, as Chesterton says, fairy tales are stories of what sane men would do in an insane world, then reality must be the story of what insane men would do in a sane world. It can be said that we have all been rendered partially insane by original sin. Sin is contrary to reason and only an insane man would act contrary to reason; contrary to his best interest; contrary to his very nature. To speak more certainly on the matter, we know that sin doesn’t hurt God, it hurts the sinner (though we rarely think of it this way).

And being moved, by baptism, from the rule of the prince of this world and into a new kingdom; the kingdom of Heaven, we cooperate with God’s grace through the sacraments to slowly chip away at this insanity which causes our own self mutilation.

The kingdom of this Earth; that is, the kingdom of Hades is made present to us by sin. Each time we sin, we commune with Hades; that is, death. God is life, and to the degree we turn from Him (by sinning), we turn towards death. On the other hand, Heaven is made present to us in the divine sacrifice of the mass. The Church is quite serious when she calls it Heaven on earth.

To be continued.

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