Monday, October 13, 2008


Greed… These days, it’s a moral buzzword with which the liberals and conservative can find common ground to complain about and Capitalists don’t seem to be anymore happy about greed than Marxists after-all (or at least they’re doing a good job of pretending).

So we talk about the “greed on Wall St” ad nauseum and if I can be so bold as to use another cliché that will make me puke if I hear one more time – we also find some satisfaction in touting the current discontent on “Main St”. Well, we all agree that greed is a bad thing, but for a moment, instead of being so angry at Wall St for doing their job, why not reflect on ourselves and ask are we doing ours? Perhaps it isn’t the “greed on Wall St” that should concern us but the “gluttony on Main St”.

So whose sin caused the financial crisis? “Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish”.

No one likes to talk about gluttony anymore because it’s awfully hard to get around that sin. Our Protestant brothers are reluctant to even consider it a sin at all since they’ve removed the books with the strongest references to it from the bible.

I don’t remember the last time I was hungry. Now I don’t mean the last time I was in lack of food – I mean the last time my stomach growled! We’ve become so gluttonous that we think among our “inalienable rights” as Americans is the right to never be discomforted. In fact, most of our prayers can be reduced to a childish petition for God to prevent us from being inconvenienced in any way.

Yes, I think gluttony is more our problem than greed.


Rene'e said...

I agree Tim, Americans do not like discomfort.

We need to be reminded.

No Cross, No Crown, No Glory.

More often.

Kim said...

Definitely! We can't get enough. The lust of the eyes is alive and well in America. We're trained by our culture to assume that we don't have enough, that we always need more. Unfortunately, it is capitalism that feeds this (the necessity of businesses to advertise to our "needs" to create sales), but I'd rather have capitalism than socialism any day.

Joseph said...

On the "Main St." buzzword. It's really contradictory for the liberal MSM and the democrats to use this term. After all, it is the local banks that are on Main St. If the coverup/sweep the issue under the rug/hide the culprit in the closet Bailout plan failed, then it would actually help the banks on Main St, contrary to what those who wish to hide the Democratic/Obama link to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are telling you.

Now, I'm afraid, the issue is dead. The implosion on Wall St. has been successfully pinned on McCain and his Republicans because McCain didn't seize the opportunity to expose Obama and his Democrats who are really at fault. Oh, well.

Back to the topic, it is our fear of discomfort that got us here in the first place. In democracy, we get the leaders we deserve. Neither Obama bin Biden nor McPalin are presidential material. The only difference between them is that one is much more evil than the other. In other words, no matter who wins, economically we're screwed, and our comfort level is going to take a hit... because we deserve it. However, a vote for Obama will make it more uncomfortable for Christians, especially the Catholic Church... just watch.

Joseph said...


I'm tired. McCain is losing the votes of the practicing Catholics on the fence because he has apparently ceased talking about abortion and because he won't raise his objection to ESCR above his current ambiguous statements. These Catholics would never vote for Obama. McCain should have them in hand, but they are fleeing to Bob Barr. All this while more bishops have been making it clear that it is morally impermissible to vote for Obama. How can McCain be so stupid?

I'm even waning on the guy because of his recent slip up of desiring to be inclusive by not allowing the strongest voice of anti-gay marriage speak in Iowa of all places (one of the most important states for McCain).

If he speaks the truth, it will resonate. If he doesn't those who seek the truth will flee. No one perceives that he really believes what he says now. And his actions aren't helping much.

I wrote his campaign an email explaining how his current strategy (or lack of one) is going to lose the election. I'm sure no one will read it.

Rene'e said...
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Rene'e said...

"In other words, no matter who wins, economically we're screwed, and our comfort level is going to take a hit... because we deserve it. However, a vote for Obama will make it more uncomfortable for Christians, especially the Catholic Church... just watch."

I agree with Joseph. It will happen, the Catholic Church is preparing for that day.

I have never voted Republican in my life, I am registering as an Independent this time around. Neither party represents my opinions.

I am going to vote for McCain because as soon as Obama signs the Freedom of Choice Act, which he will do as he has said "First",my conscience would be terribly burdened, if I had done nothing to try to stop it from happening.

I am putting my trust in God's hands for our Country, not in the men who run it

Rene'e said...

Whoa..I want to retract this statement from above"I am registering as an Independent this time around."

I meant to say "I am registering as an Unaffiliated this time around", NOT The Independent Party.


Tim J. said...

Gluttony is practically invisible as a sin in our culture, which leads me to believe it is a big problem.

No one talks about overindulging in food or drink as a moral problem... it's all supposed to be psychological, now.

Sin begets sin. Gluttony leaves one in a weakened state for dealing with more blatantly destructive temptations like lust or anger. It's a gateway drug, if you like.

I'm talking mainly to myself, here.

Improvedliving said...

we need to be constantly reminded

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Tina said...

I completely agree. Gluttony is by far the worst problem we experience...and we all do it. I, myself find it so easy (and rather enjoyable) to pig out on pizza and icecream every now and then.

I found this very interesting post on gluttony here:
I thought you might enjoy. Cheers!