Thursday, October 23, 2008

If the Community Has Unity - It's in Tradition

NLM has a brilliant piece on what happens when people try to revive the liturgy in liberal parishes. How I wish I didn't know first hand what they're talking about. This is what it's all about - none of the issues with music have anything to do with style preference. It has everything to do with what is appropriate for the mass. Great line:
This sort of thing makes musicians crazy because it is a setting guaranteed to yield shabby liturgy and community chaos. It is the worst possible thing to happen to a parish music program, and not because the community shouldn't have a voice. If the community has a point of unity, it concerns the faith itself and the tradition; otherwise, in terms of issues of taste and preference, there is no such thing as a community: there are only individuals with a multiplicity of conflicting desires.
Here's the link. And here's Father Z's comments.

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