Thursday, January 01, 2009


I believe I've said this before somewhere but I think it's worth repeating. Those who deny that the Catholic Church is uniquely identifiable as the continuity of the apostolic Church are the same ones who are quite sure that she is the same church who held the Spanish Inquisition. But any reasonable criteria of continuity that would hold her "guilty" of the Inquisition (or the Galilelo incident) would also find her praiseworthy for being the very Church founded by Christ on the apostles.


Kenny said...

Yes, we have indeed argued about this before. :)

Tim A. Troutman said...

Me.. and you... argue? What? Are you sure you're thinking about the same guy? J/k

Wow, so it looks like I posted nearly the exact same thing. I thought I had only mentioned it buried in a post somewhere. I'm far too young for my memory to be failing me like this!

Anyway, I look forward to a day when you and I will have no more to argue about. It'll happen one way or another!