Friday, January 09, 2009

Hope & Unity

Recent events for better or worse in our times have seen reality made of hopes once deemed impossible. We needn't mention specifics.

God the Son, taking our lowly form and walking among us, left us many imperatives which require faith first, but also hope. Believe in Me, He said, but also hope. Faith causes hope and hope, like faith, is a virtue. To follow through with an imperative requires faith in the imperator which precedes the hope that the end may actually be achieved. We have one such end; and that is unity.

Unity is not optional for the Body of Christ anymore than it is optional of our physical bodies. Those members which would take part in my life must partake of my bodily unity for if not found there, it shall not be found elsewhere. Those who would take part in the life of Christ must likewise join to that in which His life already exists in Bodily unity.

To have enough faith in Christ to follow the unity imperative is one thing; it is another altogether to maintain the hope that it shall indeed be realized. No doubt, this hope seems unreasonable; but as one famous journalist who achieved this very hope for himself said, hope is only useful when it is unreasonable.

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Thos said...

Right, and nice use of imperator. I'll have to remember that one, Tim.

There's always the reply that the set of true believers are spiritually united, but you and I would hopefully agree that an invisible unity could hardly be able to achieve the purposes given for (and with) the unity imperative of John 17.

Peace in Christ,