Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Announcing: Called to Communion

For the last couple months I've been privileged to prepare for this project which will be of utmost interest to my readers. First, the website is Called to Communion, and the driving theme is a search for re-unification between Reformed Protestantism and the Catholic Church. It has a group blog but it's much more. Logistically, it is centered around peer reviewed papers which will be published in a carefully planned order. It also has a podcast which I am particularly excited about.

I could say more about it but the list of contributors, all formerly affiliated with the PCA, OPC, CRC or some other Reformed denomination will speak louder than my description:
  • Bryan Cross (of Principium Unitatis)
  • Dr. Neal Judisch (of Towers & Tongues)
  • Tom Riello (former PCA pastor)
  • Taylor Marshall (of Canterbury Tales: former Episcopal priest)
  • Andrew Preslar (of Apology of Miscellanies)
  • Dr. Jonathan Deane
  • Tom Brown (From Ecumenicity)
  • Sean Patrick (formerly of You Are Cephas)
  • Matt Yonke (of Homesick No More)
  • Yours truly
If you haven't guessed already, I highly recommend you visiting this site and subscribing to the RSS feed.