Monday, February 23, 2009

See You on the Flip Side

Me and the Mrs. are heading to the Philippines tomorrow morning. After about 28 hours of travel and waiting, we'll be there - tired and disoriented, but there.

During our layover in Tokyo, I will be announcing a new web project that I've been collaborating on. If I don't get that post up, you can assume that I've been ambushed by ninjas and was unable to publish it (there's also a slim chance that Narita International doesn't have wi-fi). So look for that post bright and early on Ash Wednesday morning. Otherwise, I suspect you'll see it announced on the blog of another contributor.

Speaking of which, may all of you have a wonderful Ash Wednesday and a blessed Lent. As for today, happy St. Polycarp day.

St. Polycarp, pray for my family on this trip and pray for the re-unity of the Church - East & West. Amen.


Mike Burgess said...

Travel Blessings to you and your wife, Tim.

George Weis said...

Hurry Back Timbo!

I'll send you this DVD when you get back!