Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Why There is no Principled Difference Between Solo and Sola Scriptura

Bryan Cross and Neal Judisch team up to deliver this devastating critique of Keith Mathison's now famous 'solo' and 'sola' distinction in the sola scriptura controversy. The article is long, but it's an easy read and well worth the time.


Teri said...

Hey Tim,

The article is so carefully structured and so well articulated you would think it would cause everyone to really stop and think, wouldn't you?

I can't put these stray thoughts at CTC and clutter up the comments, but I honestly think that the problem is something that has been drilled into the protestant brain from birth - Word of God OR Man made traditions that are not in the "word of God".

You automatically reach for Word of brainer. But there is this wall that you get stuck behind trying to "defend God's honor".

I think it's actually too scary to believe that there were people living the faith handed down in Churches such as Corinth, Ephesus, or Galatia before the letters of St. Paul that we know are inspired were written to them.

It's scary when you don't feel like the Holy Bible dropped out of the sky as a gift from God.

As I have said before, I had no choice but to go searching for the truth from the beginning (never expecting I would find the Catholic Church).

I would literally cry as I prayed, "Why didn't you just write it down yourself exactly what worship should look like and how it should be done?"
I loved Him so much and I knew He loved me and that He was very, very real, but I was so frustrated.

Living in the buckle of the Bible Belt for the last 11 years opens your eyes to Protestant chaos. We literally have a church on every block in Main Street alone and some smaller buildings with start up churches next door to those.

In three separate Protestant churches I was a)free to live in grace and not worry about the past, the present or the future...just come to church and help out some because that was a good thing to do...or
B) Don't even think about coming to this church without your KJV only and a dress on and to be saved you had to believe in the rapture, the literal interpretation of creation, etc., and that all other denominations were going to hell because they had "fellowship with the world"...
or C) Reformed, Calvinist, Theonomic, Reconstruction group who wanted to take over the world with the Mosaic laws and kill children who you had to love the South and Robert E. Lee!

Sola Scriptura has always been solo scriptura...according to Luther, Zwingli, Calvin...just that Calvin had a lawyers thought process to put if down systematically.

How can you say sola scriptura and then kill Anabaptists and burn Michael Servetus for their sola scriptura?

Sorry so long...I just had to put my thoughts down because it makes me so sad. Christ does not love His Church like a beautiful Bride if He left her in such a mess.

I believe He does love Her and He loves her so much, He will keep her from straying by His love no matter who is Pope...

Blessings Tim!

Tim A. Troutman said...

Teri - I know how you feel. BTW - I'm in the Bible Belt too so I know where you're coming from on that point too lol (but I do like Robert E. Lee;) ) .