Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is my annual encouragement for my readers to make a financial contribution somewhere. Here are some recommendations:

1. Philippine Aid Society (my personal charity) - We provide poverty relief services in the Philippines, one of the poorest countries in the world. Currently we have no paid staff and low overhead costs.

2. Human Life International - This is a great Catholic charity that provides education and fights for the pro-life cause. It is headed by Fr. Euteneuer, who earns a very meager salary, which is impressive for the size of that charity. They also have high charity ratings on charity navigator etc.

3. Pro Life Action League - My friend Matt Yonke works here. This is a reputable charity that is very active in the fight against the culture of death.

4. Charlotte Rescue Mission - I work here full time. If you're in Charlotte, this is a good local charity to support. If you're not, look up your local shelter and check them out.

Now go out and make some donations! God bless you all and happy new year. I hope to more active around here in 2010.

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