Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Homeschooling my son This Year

We have officially decided to homeschool Miguel this year. Miguel will be 11 in November. I was fortunate to find this incredible Catholic, classical homeschool education curriculum online. It was recommended to me by my Polish friend and after I fell in love with the curriculum, I noticed that their headquarters was only about 30 minutes away from where I live.

It has a great catechism course if you're looking to expand education for your children. So far, we're pleased with the results and Miguel is loving it. It is harder than public school, but well worth it. William Michael, the founder, wrote this article called "Wise and Simple" on raising and educating our children properly. I really enjoyed the read and think you will as well.


David Meyer said...

Wow. My wife and I just spent the last few months looking for Catholic homeschool curicula, and I never saw this place! It looks awsome. We were using Veritas Press materials, but now that we are converting, we want to find something Catholic and classical. My oldest is 7 and I will certainly look into this for her next year. (we went with Catholic Heritage this year.)

If you havnt homeschooled before, you won't regret it. I really believe that Christendom's children should never be sent to Public schools. They need years of intensive battle training before we can expect them to go to war. We should not send them to the enemy to be trained.

Thanks for the great tip Tim!

David Meyer

Victor said...

My wife and I have been really considering homeschooling. Thanks for the tip!

marianne said...

thanks for this link. My friend who homeschools 4 daughters just switched over to this after researching it for several years and using a protestant classical curriculum. She really likes it. Maybe you'd find it interesting: