Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rev. Dr. Michael Root Swims the Tiber

Rev. Dr. Michael Root, a prominent Lutheran theologian, announced that he will convert to the Catholic Church. Read the story here. H/T Chad Toney.

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Sid Cundiff said...

Posted on the Facebook notice.

I think the article needs more of an explanation as to the Why?. The vast majority of Protestants are good souls, and many (dare I say a majority?) are a far sight better Christians than a lot of folk in my own fold. And Protestantism certainly makes a far better human being than secularism. So the why of Root's conversion needs more discussion. Exactly what attracted him to our fold? It can't be the opposition to killing children (it's not called that, of course) or the oxymoronic "homosexual marriage"? No; lot's of Protestants oppose these. Is it people like St. Damien De Veuster? preachers and theologians like Newman? poets like Dante? music like Monteverdi's Vespers? Churches like Chartres and Santa Maria in Campitelli? Or the debate in Protestant theology prompted by The New Perspectives on Paul? Inquiring minds want to know.